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Offer Agreement

Lessor: Head of the Peasant Farm Sahakyan David Grantovich publishes this agreement in the form of an individual non-public offer on the website: https://ecorancho.ru/ for its acceptance by individuals and/or legal entities (hereinafter referred to as the Tenant) on the proposed conditions:

  1. Subject of the agreement
    1. This agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) is an individual (non-public) offer and is posted on the Lessor’s website at: https://ecorancho.ru/. To enter into an agreement, the Tenant makes a complete and unconditional acceptance by making a reservation through the booking module at: https://ecorancho.ru/, as a result of which the Tenant is sent a booking confirmation (hereinafter referred to as the Confirmation) to The email address specified when making the reservation by the Tenant. Booking confirmation is an integral part of this Agreement.
    2. The Lessor transfers to the Lessee for a fee for temporary use the building and/or premises No. ___, located at the address: Moscow region, Mozhaisky district, Alekseevka village (hereinafter referred to as the Lease Object) in rental, which is indicated in the Confirmation.
    3. The rental property provided under the Agreement is in a condition suitable for habitation.
    4. The Lessor does not provide hotel services to the Tenant. The rental property is used exclusively for residential purposes.
  2. Rights and obligations of the parties.
    1. The Lessor undertakes:
      1. Transfer the rental property, suitable for use, meeting the necessary sanitary and technical requirements usually imposed on such premises, that is, water supply, sewerage, heat supply, electricity supply - all systems are in working order.
    2. The tenant is obliged:
      1. Use the rental object only for your own needs;
      2. Treat the property located in the Rental Property with care. If signs of emergency condition of plumbing, electrical and other equipment are detected, immediately eliminate consequences of accidents and report this to the Lessor (Administrator);
      3. Allow, at any time in case of accidents or other force majeure circumstances, the Lessor's employees and the Lessor himself to the Rental Object;
      4. Return the Leased Object and the Lessor's property in the same condition in which they were leased;
      5. The Tenant is responsible for his actions and the actions of his guests that caused material damage to the Landlord, at his own expense if he causes damage through actions or failure to take necessary and timely measures to prevent damage to the property specified in the acceptance (return) certificate;
      6. The tenant bears full responsibility for ensuring fire safety in the rented premises. The landlord is obliged to inform the rules of public order, not to exceed the level permissible noise in the territory adjacent to the Rental Property, safety precautions, fire safety in the premises and adjacent territory. Do not throw garbage, cigarette butts, waste around territory, and pack them in plastic or throw them in trash cans. The Tenant undertakes not to be in the Rental Property with animals without the consent of the Lessor, to smoke in a specially designated for this place;
      7. To submit for the conclusion of the Agreement:
        • — for individuals: passport, birth certificate for persons under 14 years of age and other documents required in accordance with the norms of the current legislation of the Russian Federation and provide the Lessor with the opportunity to make a copy of the above documents;
        • — for legal entities: constituent documents (charter, TIN, OGRN, protocol/decision on the appointment of a sole executive body), company card.
    3. The lessor has the right:
      1. Require the Tenant to comply with the Rules of Use;
      2. Require the Tenant to pay rent for the Rental Object for the entire period of use on the day of concluding this Agreement;
      3. Require the Tenant to vacate the Rental Object upon expiration of the Lease Agreement, or early in case of violations of clause 2.2.1. – 2.2.6. of this Agreement, in which case payment is not refundable;
      4. Inspect the leased Object and property for safety and sanitary condition.
  3. The procedure for transferring the Lease Object and the movable property located in it.
    1. The Lessor transfers to the Lessee, for the term of the Agreement, the Lease Object and the movable property located therein, in full, in good working order and suitable for habitation. The Giver has the right:
    2. At the end of the Agreement, the Tenant is obliged to transfer to the Lessor the Lease Object and the movable property located in it in the condition in which the Tenant accepted the Lease Object, the specified property, taking into account normal wear and tear.
  4. Financial conditions and payment procedure
    1. Payment under this Agreement is made by the Tenant in cash or by bank transfer, in full, before the start of use of the Rental Object. The total cost under the Agreement is indicated in the Confirmation reservations based on the rental price posted on the website: https://ecorancho.ru/.
    2. The fact of making payment is documented by the Lessor with a payment check issued by the Lessor.
    3. Depending on the selected booking rate specified in the Confirmation, the Tenant, simultaneously with making a reservation on the website: https://ecorancho.ru/, or pays the entire cost of accommodation at Agreement, or pays part of the cost, and the remaining amount is paid to the Lessor on the day of acceptance of the Rental Object on the basis of the acceptance (return) certificate.
  5. Contract time.
    1. The validity period of this Agreement corresponds to the period of stay specified in the Confirmation.
    2. The expiration of this Agreement does not relieve the Lessor and the Tenant from fulfilling those of their obligations under the Agreement that were not fulfilled or were not fully fulfilled during the term validity of the Agreement. The Lessor and the Lessee in such cases have the right to demand from the other party the full fulfillment of its obligations under this Agreement that have not been fully or partially fulfilled.
  6. Termination of the Agreement.
    1. The Agreement becomes invalid due to the expiration of the Agreement, due to termination of the Agreement at the initiative of any of the parties or by a court decision.
    2. In the event of termination of this Agreement, the Tenant and other citizens living and/or staying with him in the Rental Object at the time of termination of the Agreement are subject to eviction from the Rental Object.
  7. Responsibility of the parties.
    1. The parties are responsible for failure to fulfill or improper fulfillment of obligations arising from the Agreement, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and this Agreement.
    2. The Tenant bears full property liability to the Lessor for his violation of the terms of the Agreement and damage caused to the Lease Object and the movable property located therein by the Lessor's actions (inaction) of the Tenant, as well as actions (inaction) of third parties located or who were in the Lease Object with the knowledge of the Tenant with or without the consent of the Lessor. The tenant is obliged compensate the Lessor for the damage caused in full.
  8. Settlement of disputes.
    1. Disputes arising during the execution of the Agreement must be resolved through negotiations between the Parties.
    2. If it is impossible to reach an agreement between the Parties as a result of negotiations, the disputes that arise are resolved in court at the location of the Lessor.
  9. Final provisions.
    1. The Agreement is not subject to state registration and comes into force from the moment it is signed by the Parties.
    2. The current legislation of the Russian Federation applies to relations between the Parties that are not regulated by the Agreement.
    3. The Agreement is drawn up in two copies having equal legal force, one for each of the Parties.
    4. The Tenant does not have the right to register at the Rental Property during the period of residence there on the basis of this Agreement.
    5. To rent a cottage or room, select check-in and check-out dates and click the “Find” button. Please note: the site uses a booking system, so in the booking module and in the documents there are terms related to hotels and the provision of hotel services in relation to our premises. By making a reservation, you join the offer agreement for the rental of the premises.
    6. The parties agreed that the Rental Object is not a hotel within the meaning of current legislation, and that the Lessor does not provide hotel services.
  10. Landlord.
    • Bank name: PJSC Promsvyazbank, Moscow
    • Current account: 40802810000000017527
    • Correspondent account: 30101810400000000555
    • BIC: 044525555
    • TIN: 503217848243
    • Gearbox: 0
    • OGRNIP:315503200020538
    • OKVED: 01.50