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About the farm

About choosing a place

For a long time we could not choose land for farming: even the ideal options did not feel “ours”. They seemed to correspond to our ideas about what land for a farm should look like, but something was “not so.”

Finally, after a long search, we arrived to inspect another site on the territory of the Mozhaisk district, 15 km from Borodino Field. 40 hectares of meadows and forests, access to the Protva River, convenient road we liked. We were about to leave when an eagle screeching was heard above our heads. A large eagle soared majestically in the sky right above us!

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“This is definitely a good sign!” - one of the local residents told us and told us the legend about Kutuzov’s eagle...


In 1812, Russian troops under the command of Kutuzov retreated, surrendering city after city, region after region. But this was a strategic maneuver - it was necessary to wear down the French, who were superior in numbers and experience constant hostilities, and choose the ideal place for a big battle. More than once along the way there were fields and heights on which this battle could be fought. But when the command toured potential positions for the troops, Kutuzov understood again and again that this was not the case. The Russian land did not respond to the aspirations of the military leaders and was not ready to help them. It’s a completely different matter with Borodino Field. When Kutuzov left to assess the positions troops on the Borodino field, an eagle appeared in the sky.

He flew directly over the Generalissimo for a long time, which impressed all the troops. This is not just a beautiful legend invented by local residents, but a real historical fact, described in almost two dozen written sources.

For example, this is how Boris Golitsyn, a participant in the Battle of Borodino, described this story:

“When Kutuzov surveyed the position near Borodino for the first time, it was after lunch, a gigantic eagle soared above him. Wherever he goes, the eagle goes... And there was no end to the rumors. This eagle foreshadowed all the good things.” After all, he was not only the embodiment of courage and courage, but also one of the symbols of the Russian State.

We, like Kutuzov, listened to the signs of fate and founded a farm right here, near the ancient Alekseevka. Our project has begun to grow: 40 hectares now house not only a farm, but also a center ecotourism, hotel in the trees, restaurant. And every day more and more people, like us, fall in love with this wonderful place.

And on the territory of our ranch you can even see a sculpture of this noble bird, created by a master from the village of Alekseevka under the impression of stories about “Kutuzov’s eagle”. They say that touch this sculpture and even standing next to it is a good sign.